5 Benefits of Attendance Technology

When we look at the present state of education, we notice a reluctance on the part of schools to invest in the latest technology. Current attendance systems are often inefficient and time-consuming. Despite this, schools remain unwilling to upgrade to a more efficient and cost-effective system. Replacing the traditional roll call with an automated and smart attendance technology can organize schools’ internal systems, saving them the time wasted on tedious manual ways. Moreover, switching costs are far lower compared to money lost in a day due to a lack of productivity. Moving to an automated time tracking system can thus improve a school’s functioning and help save time. Here are five compelling benefits of attendance technology for schools.


Swipe card systems leave too much room for mistakes, like system errors when cards are forgotten or misplaced or even dishonesty. Between buddy bunching for friends and the room for human error, there are numerous ways students and teachers lose track of recorded time. Only those who fill out their time sheets multiple times a day can say with their confidence the time recorded is accurate. Hence, shifting to an attendance technology helps record hours efficiently, leaving less room for human errors.


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Besides being easier to use, a student attendance software can be managed by anyone in the school. It has no bias and gives an accurate representation of data storing with fast report generation through a highly secured database. Teachers can easily generate reports for parents in case of parent-teacher meetings in whichever manner they’d like on a monthly or a weekly basis.

Reduced Wastage

Not only are outdated attendance systems a waste of time but also a waste of money and resources. Let’s take paper time cards. They not only put a strain on the environment but are a limited resource that mostly requires reordering and restocking, especially when corrections are involved. Not only does it waste resources but also wastes the teacher’s time and energy performing manual tasks that could be performed more efficiently with automation. An attendance system saves the time spent on menial tasks, leaving teachers with time to focus on students.

Higher Productivity


An outdated system puts an unnecessary amount of stress on the teachers, which can easily be avoided if schools upgrade to an attendance system. Reduced productivity, absenteeism, and turnover can induce more job stress which can lead to longer periods of employee inefficiency due to disability and other illnesses caused by the stress. Many teachers have themselves claimed the stress of accounting for each and every student can be cumbersome, and taking attendance every morning often leads to hypertension and throat infections as it requires shouting roll calls.


SMS Integration

One of the best parts of the attendance management software is the SMS Integration. Included in this software is the ability of the school to send attendance reports and leave applications to their parents. This is beneficial for both parents and teachers, leading to better their communication with respect to the child’s performance.

Clearly, an attendance technology has a host of benefits to offer to both parents and teachers. Rapid adoption by schools across the country will only remain a matter of time with enhanced awareness.

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