Attendance Management System From Brahma Eye

The Attendance Management System is the answer to many problems that the school management needs to fit better in this new era of inexplicable technology. The need for a better, more reliable and informative system has also increased in the last few years because of the increasing activities of crime in urban areas. The Attendance Management System is an attempt to relieve the school management staff and the parents from the stress and tension due to the concern of their children.

This Attendance Management System by BrahmaEye uses the RFID UF technology, which helps to keep a track of students entering and leaving the school premises. It also helps to keep the school administration, as well as the parents, updated regarding the activities of their ward. BrahmaEye also incorporates the features of School Bus Tracking and Student Tracking using BrahmaGPS, which helps the parents to monitor the locations of the school bus and also the students at all times!

This system is increasingly becoming very popular because of the various benefits that it provides! It makes the task of the school management very easy, as it helps to reduce the amount of paperwork and manual work that goes into tedious tasks like taking attendance, creating reports and sending important notices to parents through notifications! Some other benefits of this Attendance Management System by Brahma Eye are:

  1. It helps to automate all the tasks which previously required manual work. The system automatically maintains an entry and exit log of the student, because of which, precious study time is saved! The system also creates different types of reports, like the attendance report, absentee report, etc., automatically, with the data collected.
  2. Human error often causes problems when the accuracy of data is in question. If some data is incorrectly entered, reports generated will also be incorrect. However, this problem is never likely to occur when using this highly reliable attendance system!
  3. The parents get instant notifications about the entry or exit of the child, about the arrival of the school bus on the stop. They also receive a notification if any important notice or message is sent by the school management.
  4. BrahmaEye is not a very expensive tool when considering the number of features that it has to offer. The installation can be done in any school, anywhere, without any difficulties.
  5. The most important benefit of them is that it provides the parents and the school management with a much-needed peace-of-mind! The safety of the children, not a very big concern, if the school has the Attendance Management System from Brahma Eye.

BrahmaEye is a step towards a more secure and brighter future for the students in this age of increasing competitive environment. The Attendance Management System is built for the parents to be able to Track, Control and Secure their children.

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