Benefits of RFID: Why Do You Need RFID solutions?

There are many benefits of RFID technology so it becomes simple to understand why your business needs this solution. Different industries and applications have benefited from RFID solutions and the educational industry is no exception to this rule. Here’s are the reasons why to choose RFID solutions.

#1 Automate the Collection of Information

RFID applications and systems can make it extremely easy to collect information, while reducing the cost of data aggregation and promoting greater accuracy and reliability as opposed to manual methods and more details can be achieved with techniques such as bar-coding. Data collection can be a by product of these activities. This will cut down on the need for filling forms to collect data. RFID is way quicker than manual entries or barcode scanning. For this reason, it is very beneficial in monitoring student presence and attendance in schools.

#2 Get Better Quality Data

Through an RFID approach, data can be accurately and rapidly captured. Electronic data collection with RFID also prevents the errors that come with manual entries. Collecting information about a large number of students becomes easier. You can mark the attendance more accurately. Electronic data collection prevents human errors.

#3 Reduced Costs

RFID technologies also lower the cost of data collection. They make it very easy to monitor student attendance in the school, or even buses. This affordable technology is extremely useful for schools looking to cut costs and ensure error-free systems that are inexpensive to maintain.

#4 Shorter Processes

RFID technologies can be easily integrated with others and provide a capability of working well with apps that issue notifications. Time taken for marking student attendance shrinks as a result of this. Using RFID to control movement and mark attendance is secure and easy.

#5 Safe and Secure

For security conscious schools, this RFID system is extremely beneficial because processes are being followed and health and safety issues are effectively addressed. This is a safe technology that complies with government regulations. As RFID systems allow data to be captured in real time, it ensures the safety of the students too.

#6 Save Teacher’s Time

A lot of processes like attendance, and monitoring students become easier because the process is automated and manual data input is virtually zero. This prevents purposeful as well as mistaken errors and saves a lot of the teacher’s time. Attendance gets marked accurately and teachers are more organized, while having more time for lessons and taking their classes.

#7 Robust Technology with Effective Architecture

RFID technologies are way more effective than barcode technologies. Barcodes come with problems like visible damage due to wear and tear of the place where the code is there on the card. This leads to false readings as well as misreading. RFID tags can be read even despite expensive wear and tear. This technology is resilient and sturdy.

#8 RFID Does Not Require Line of Sight

RFID tags need not be visible to the reader. With Walk Through technologies well developed, the RFID tags don’t have to always be viewable or presented to the reader. There would be no need to physically locate the tag to scan it in such cases.

#9 Simple Programming

RFID tags can also be programmed to store information. This allows easy ways of keeping track of where the tag and the student have been. Also RFID systems read multiple tags in seconds through the Walk Through technology. This is as against manual processes of data entry or even the burden of barcode scanning. RFID scanners can even read items moving past fast. So if students run through the gate, the attendance will still be marked.


Therefore, the RFID tags help to reduce costs, improve results, foster dramatic improvement in the planning process and facilitate less risk of error. Accurate real time information is available and time saving is another positive factor, thanks to walk through technologies. The solution does not require line of sight access for reading tags. Tags can also be programmed to trigger alarm if removed from a location. Additionally, reader and tag communication takes place flawlessly and easily. No human intervention is needed and comprehensive data can be collected fast. RFID solutions also provide a high degree of security.

Why Choose Brahma Eye?

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