Benefits Of School Bus GPS Tracking System And School Bus RFID

Madhuri and Sanjay are your average hardworking and caring parents. Having two children aged 3 and 6 respectively, Madhuri’s prime concern is getting them safely onto a school bus. But what about after this? With Brahma GPS on the scene, parents like Sanjay and Madhuri can plan their short time schedule and get ready on time. Morning schedules are easy to plan and so is the day, because notifications are available for seeing when children are coming home and most importantly, whether they reached school safely.

For a parent like Sanjay or Madhuri, the basic concern is the safety of their child. With a school bus GPS tracking system, school principals, staff as well as parents get real-time data about the student’s location. Concerns such as whether the child got on the bus, whether he or she got off at the right destination will no longer be a concern. End these worries with a school bus RFID system that lets parents get notifications for stops. Additionally, the system’s mobile app offers real-time location and quick solutions for emergency situations. So, whether Sanjay has a busy day at the office or Madhuri is facing a work target, both parents can still keep track of their little ones and react fast in the event of an emergency such as a medical issue, an accident and so on.

Make Routing and Scheduling the Bus Trips Simple

An RFID school bus tracking system offers convenience for the authorities. Software is in place to take care of routing, directing and scheduling the trip easily. So, when the driver of the bus needs to be monitored, Sanjay and Madhuri can rest assured that no untoward or rash driving will happen. All the routes are mapped out so that the parents are spared additional worry. School authorities only need to review and make the changes for exceptional cases. It also saves energy and time for re-scheduling and re-routing. This is a convenient way out in case of emergencies.

Using manual directions and scheduling for school buses can cause errors and incur money loss. Schools need to conserve their resources. For instance, because of the failure to calculate correctly, you may have to get an extra bus to transport the children. An RFID vehicle management system permits the ease of tracking. It is also easier to regulate the drivers. Sanjay and Madhuri, along with the other school parents can benefit from quick updates, knowing their child is in safe hands.

Monitor School Bus Rides And Gain Peace of Mind

Through a GPS bus tracking system, schools can monitor the activity and attendance of students as they get on and hop off the bus, using show-and-go RFID technology. The database can also serve as a valuable record, if an accident takes place. GPS school bus tracking systems give school authorities as well as parents like Sanjay and Madhuri peace of mind. Parents get to know exactly when the student has boarded the bus and whether he or she has safely gotten off.

Prevent Errors

Attendance regulation of students using a manual method or a headcount is also likely to be wrong. After all, errors can happen. But due to this tracking system, school bus attendance can be easily and quickly recorded. Attendance details obtained from the tracking systems are reliable and accurate. So, the tracking system helps not just countless parents like Sanjay or Madhuri, but also the teachers at the school.

Check the Safety of the Children

By using a school bus GPS tracking system, you can check if road safety rules have been followed and the driver is driving safely. Additionally, Sanjay and Madhuri, along with other school parents, are also able to get notifications in real time on the departure and arrival timings of the school bus. Long waits and physical stress can be avoided. Now, Madhuri no longer has to worry if the kids are a little late. All she has to do is refer to the real-time notifications from the GPS bus tracking app and she can benefit from instant updates.

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Save Time

Having a school bus RFID system also ensures GPS monitors the school buses on real time. This reduces waiting time for buses and also alerts the school,in the event of inclement weather or more dangers. The GPS tracking system also alerts not just parents like Sanjay and Maduri, but also school management quickly if the child misses the bus, so that corrective action can be taken. It also saves time by ensuring that students are quickly and safely monitored without the need for additional staff or the bus conductor to monitor each and every child aboard the bus.

Check for Traffic Alerts

Automated alerts and notifications can be sent by the school bus GPS tracking system when the bus does not follow its assigned route. Overspeed alerts can also be sent to parents, so that they can monitor the driver’s performance and note down any rash driving. When Sanjay, Madhuri and the parents of other children want to check on their child, this school bus GPS monitoring system is a boon.


So, a school bus GPS tracking system can enable Sanjay and Madhuri, along with the other parents to get the travel history of their kids, inform parents if kids have reached the school, give parents the capabilities to monitor speed and time taken by the bus to travel to school. School authorities can also monitor the school buses effectively. The right routes and planning ensures emergency situations do not arise in the first place. So Madhuri can be clear about the time schedule of the arrival and departure times for the school bus. This will enable her to plan her day at home even better. Additionally, the real-time or active notification facility through the app checks up on students and reports their safe travel and attendance at school to parents with zero delays. Whether Sanjay is in a meeting or attending a conference call, he can easily track his children’s movements thanks to this GPS system. Easy installation and cost-effective maintenance are added advantages of opting for a school bus GPS tracking system.

Brahma GPS: A Boon For Monitoring School Buses

Brahma Digital has empowered many schools that critically need RFID technology. Brahma GPS is a comprehensive school bus GPS monitoring system that offers easy regulation and safety of students aboard a school bus. Through app notifications, parents get alerts about the movement of their children, while getting on and off the school bus. For parents,school management, authorities and the staff as well as the bus driver and conductor, Brahma GPS is an invaluable tool guaranteed to ensure safe rides for school children, and peace of mind for everyone else.

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