How RFID Attendance Management System Helping Siliguri School

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology built on the concept of magnetic fields and radio waves. There are different frequencies on which the RFID systems operate. These are low frequency (LF), high frequencies (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF). The systems built using the RFID UHF technology are able to record a person’s presence once the person comes within the vicinity of the device. It can also be used to keep track of a person’s current location through BrahmaGPS.

This is how the attendance management systems using RFID technologies work. The system is built primarily to mark the entry and exit of a person from the premises of any organization. Moreover, the attendance management used in schools, directly send the information about their child’s work activities through notifications. In this way, it keeps the parents updated on the child’s regularity in school.


This RFID attendance management system is already being adopted in many schools due to its immense usefulness which helps to solve many management and security issues. One such school is the Siliguri School, where this attendance management system is already installed. The school has seen an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s administrative staff ever since the system was installed. The different ways in which the school has benefited are:

  1. The system has helped to reduce the class time which was previously wasted in taking the attendance of students. The system records both, entry as well as exit time of a student, which proved to be useful when the management wanted to check the regularity and usefulness of the student.
  2. Using this system automatically reduced the amount of paperwork that went into keeping and maintaining records and reports. The attendance management system automatically generates the reports and shares them with the parents.
  3. The attendance management system also helped the school management to maintain the security of its students and ensure the parents about their safety. Much needed real-time information is accessible to the parents, like school bus location and the time of arrival or departure.
  4. Since the installation of this system, the school has been able to focus on academics more than ever before. This is because, they have been able to discipline their own management as well as the student, which has helped in their overall growth.
  5. The RFID attendance management system is not very expensive, hence it was easily installed, without disrupting the school’s budget. The system proves to be worth its price because of its high efficiency and effectiveness.

The RFID attendance management system is helping Siliguri School to improve the relationship between the school’s management and the parents because of the secure and safe environment that it is able to provide the students. Other schools should now start taking inspiration from Siliguri schools and take the necessary steps to improve their work efficiency and improve the safety of its students.

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