How RFID Can Be Useful For Teachers And Government

Why should government schools exit manual attendance systems for their teachers? Whether you’re looking for RFID systems for teacher attendance in Kolkata, Assam or Chandigarh, staff attendance systems are yet another area where this technology can be helpful, especially for government schools. Humans are prone to error and recording teacher attendance using RFID technology offers the precision and accuracy your attendance register at the school or college cannot achieve. Wondering how RFID technology can be useful for teachers in government schools? Here are the different ways:

Accurate Attendance Marked

Manual systems are prone to error. Marking attendance in a register is time consuming and costs paper too. But the biggest issue are the errors. Accurate data helps to provide the right information for paying salaries, finding out which teachers were regular and so on. Precision is very important while marking attendance of teachers and RFID technology can help in this respect.

The Economic Factor: Cost Efficiency

RFID attendance management systems can control costs. The time you otherwise spend monitoring teacher attendance is put to good use. Additionally, someone else cannot mark the attendance for the teacher. The RFID system also checks late entries and prevents over-payment which works out every well for government schools that need to cut down on costs.

Boosting Productivity

Monitoring and management of manual staff attendance records can be time and cost heavy. It takes time to process paper or attendance sheets or registers. Time cards and schedules as well as leave and overtime require extensive paperwork. Rather than making the school administration struggle to do this, opt for RFID technologies with automated systems ensuring effective tracking and fair pay. This also improves staff productivity and motivates teachers to attend to their duties regularly.

Generate Reports for Monitoring Staff Attendance

When you need a quick round up of the planned as well as non scheduled leave for staff, RFID technology can prove very beneficial. RFID systems can generate accurate reports on time worked, absence, overtime and much more. It also provides monthly summary report for groups in an organization. Customized reports can be generated. Because data is in one place, it can be accessed by management and staff at any time. With accurate, centralized attendance data, management can formulate leave policies and decide on pay, how to motivate teachers, improve performance and much more.

Easy Workflow Management

Government schools can also ease the way to do payroll management, handle leaves and review performance by using RFID staff attendance systems. Alerts and notifications are automated and managers can approve requests for overtime, departure etc without specific communication needs. With just a few clicks of a button, the staff attendance management system handles schedules, keeps track of teachers on shift, adhoc teachers and more.

Customized Attendance System to Suit Your Needs

Attendance management systems can be framed to suit the needs and nature of work, and policies. Additionally, the system can be integrated with other administration hardware like PC and desktop. The RFID teacher attendance system can also capture attendance with apps. Attendance policies can easily be worked out with options to define cycles, leave deductions and holidays that are optional.

Tracking in Real Time and Assured Safety

Attendance management systems provide easy to track data and real time updated besides providing automated inputs for payroll processing. This helps in the management of alternative payment schedules and ensures information is available in real time. Most attendance management systems also have security and robust but flexible architecture. These are highly reliable and help in schools to ensure safety and security of staff. Check proxy attendance and ensure regular teachers are rewarded for their services to the school.


RFID staff attendance systems have a lot of benefits. That is why your government school should choose Brahma Digital’s Active RFID attendance management system. This unique staff attendance system offers a plethora of benefits such as accuracy, precision, reliability, security and easy integration with third party hardware and technologies. Come be a part of the technology revolution, only at Brahma Digital.

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