How RFID Technology is Taking the Space in Schools

For ensuring accurate student attendance without even taking roll call, RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology could be the solution. RFID technology is taking over the school industry. It is cost-efficient and affordable. Schools can use RFID in libraries, school buses and entry gates so management within school premises is facilitated. The use of RFID student attendance systems apart, this technology also helps in better management and administration.

How RFID Works

RFID is part of AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies. RIFD identifies objects, collects data for this and enters the data directly into computer systems with no human intervention. Specifically, radio waves are used to accomplish this. At a basic level, there are three components:

• RFID tag or smart label
• RFID antenna
• RFID reader

RFID tags come with an integrated circuit and antenna to transmit data to the RFID reader known as interrogator. This converts radio waves into usable data transferred to the communications interface to a host computer system. Here data can be stored in a database and analyzed at a later time.

In an RFID system, there is a connection between the RFID tag and the reader. Using RFID technology, data is transferred from RFID tags to an RFID reader via radio frequency waves. There is no requirement of physical contact between the tag and the reader. Active RFID tags read for longer distances while passive RFID tags are useful for a shorter distance.

RFID Technologies Across the School

In the Library

RFID tracking systems have replaced the bar-code system used previously in school libraries. The main advantage is that the RFID tracker has a bar code reader, negating the need for scanning each book. Multiple numbers of books can be read with a single scan.

At the Entry Gate

RFID installations at the school entry gate or walk-through technology enables the system to read and detect the presence of a passing student and mark attendance. Through this system, student attendance can be marked without the need for roll call or a manual headcount.

Manning Restricted Areas

Entry into restricted areas of the school is also authenticated easily through RFID systems at the entrance. Through the installation of the school attendance system, school management can manage students attending classes.

For the Classroom

Additionally, RFID school attendance systems in a classroom offer easy management for the school management. A Show-and-Go technology using a combination of passive LF and HF RFID systems eliminates the need for manually monitoring students. More sophisticated than this is the active UHF system which creates a mesh. This mesh maintains and detects students moving across classes or anywhere else in the school premises.

School Buses and Students on the Move

School buses also have a Show and Go RFID system installed so that students can use passive RFID technology and show their card to the reader every time they get on and off the bus. The RFID system then reads the student’s card and marks them as they hop on to the bus and when they get off.

Advantages of RFID Attendance for Schools

The RFID comprises a reader and a tag. Using such systems in schools has several advantages. One of the notable benefits of RFID systems over a barcode reader is none other than the storage capacity.

Tags in the system permit the accommodation of more data. RFID systems are a convenient platform to store student school records without taking up tons of space.

Schools have also opted for RFID based attendance systems such as Brahma Eye because of the inbuilt time in and out feature. Students can sign in when they report and sign out while leaving. Schools can eliminate manual registrations and restrict access to premises and records.

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