RFID Attendance System for Government Teachers

Often, we see most parents are reluctant to put their children in government schools. This mostly has to do with the fact that teachers have become synonymous with the word ‘absent’ in these schools. Known for their lax behavior, especially towards turning up for classes, government teachers have a reputation for missing classes regularly. This leads us to two important questions – Who will teach the kids? More importantly, who will monitor the children if the teachers themselves are not to be found?

To take care of this careless attitude, the RFID attendance system is of great help. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio frequency bandwidth for identifying an individual, animal or object. It monitors students, teachers, and visitors attending at school hours and gives school management daily, monthly and weekly attendance reports. Because the teachers need to be present in schools to educate the children, a technology solution is needed to check their attendance.


How it works                                                                                                     

Every teacher is issued with an RFID ID card which uses radio waves to spot a person from even long distances. It does require internet or computer connection and just needs antennas mounted on the wall to identify a person. Not only is it compact and portable, but it also has a plug and play system which is safe, comfortable and secure to use. These features have made it a favorite among schools to use as a way of tracking the teachers and students and monitoring their attendance on a regular basis. With automated attendance, no one has to manually take attendance of the presence or absence of the teachers. The system also creates attendance reports which can help identify defaulters so action can be taken swiftly.  The RFID tag is a boon for parents, teachers, children and school administration as it keeps everyone in check.



The RFID attendance system is useful for monitoring teacher and student attendance. With the exact time, location and date being recorded and sent to a secure database, it is convenient for all stakeholders- students, parents, staff, school authorities including the transport in charge, head of the organization and various other people involved in the functioning of the school. It saves time and effort as manual attendance can lead to human errors and isn’t very accurate a method to use on a daily basis. It thus puts teachers in line and makes sure they do what they are hired to do, which is to attend and teach their classes diligently. This also eliminates identity theft and buddy punching, where one teacher marks attendance for another (this is impossible with the RFID technology as the teacher has to be physically present to mark their attendance).



The student’s education is the most important and needs teachers to attend classes every day. RFID is a game changer in more than one way for government schools. It can help avoid conflicts due to attendance and help give the children what they came for; teachers that attend and teach their classes with sincerity.

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