RFID Bus Attendance System

Safety of the students while going to and coming back from the school is the major concern for both parents as well as school management authorities. Most of the parents are now working these days and hence, they primarily depend upon the school transportation system for the safety of their wards. But unfortunately, due to some unavoidable reasons, sometimes it becomes an issue for the students using school buses.

The school bus attendance software was designed in order to resolve and tackle issues in handling the management of the school bus fleet. Such software is created in accordance with the modern day technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GPS (Global Positioning System).

improve Kids Safety With School Bus Tracking System

With the help of RFID based school bus tracking solutions, parents, as well as school management, can easily monitor the school buses along with the students in it. Such tracking solution provides you with different options like:

  • Live Tracking
  • Route Management
  • Automated Or notification
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Student Attendance

Now, let us understand how this smart attendance system works.

The primary components of an RFID based attendance system include a micro-controller, RFID reader, RFID tag, a database etc. The basic purpose of using RFID tag is to provide each student with a unique identity.

RFID tag reader and GPS tracker are included in the same device and that device is installed in every school bus. While entering or leaving the school bus, the students are advised to punch their ID cum RFID cards to the RFID device in order to confirm their presence in the school bus. The information of the student is then stored on to the database. This is a smart way of attendance of students in the school bus.

Whenever any student punches the card to the machine, an Or notification s sent to its parents in order to notify them that they can pick their ward. RFID based bus attendance systems are the easiest, smartest, economical and reliable methods in the direction of school child safety.

So, let’s have a look at some amazing features of the RFID bus attendance system.

  • IP based centralized system
  • Customized data and analytical reports
  • Portable and wireless
  • Ability to capture maximum records in the real-time
  • Inbuiltreal-time clock
  • No LAN required
  • Real-time alert

Now, we will also highlight some advantages of this type of attendance system. Some of the key benefits of RFID based attendance system over traditional attendance system are as follows:

  • Removed pen and paper: It has removed the tradition of using pen and paper while taking attendance of the students inside the school bus. Initially, it was the only method of keeping a record of students. But, it is now replaced with RFID cards or tags.
  • Reduced time and effort: With the introduction of automation in the school bus attendance system, the time required in taking the attendance of the students has reduced to an amazing level.
  • Secure system: Security is one of the main features of RFID based attendance system. The data is secured now and can’t be tampered as it was previously in the case of pen and paper.
  • Accurate: The RFID based attendance system provides much more accurate data than any other attendance system.


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