RFID UHF attendance system for UP market

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology built on the concept of magnetic fields and radio waves. There are differently typed of RFID systems based on the frequency on which they operate.

  • LF or Low Frequency- 30 KHz to 300 KHz
  • HF or High Frequency- 3 to 30 MHz
  • UHF- Ultra High Frequency- 10 cm to1 m

RFID consists of an information carrier, which can be in the form of a tag or a transponder, and a reading device, which can be a reader or a scanner. When they are within the reach range of each other, they can communicate.

The UHF band RFID reads multiple tags as a batch at the long range. It is applicable for inventory control, inspection work, and logistics. Even though UHF RFID has the longest frequency range, it is the most sensitive to interference. However, passive UHF tags are easier and cheaper to manufacture than LF and HF tags.

In the RFID UHF attendance system, each student has issued a digital ID card whose controlling unit is in the institute. If the student is carrying the card and is within range of the system, it automatically takes the attendance. Whenever the attendance is marked, either for coming in or going out, a notification is sent to the parents. This makes it easy for the parents to track their children.

In Uttar Pradesh, safety concerns for children are increasing among parents due to an increase in accidents at or around school area in recent times. Cases of students going missing and not reporting to school are also not rare occurrences. Hence the need for such an advanced technology like BrahmaEye has also arisen. Therefore, schools in some parts of UP are looking forward to integrating RFID UHF systems in their schools which will enable the parents as well as the school’s management to track the students’ entry and exit from the school. Some major, reputed schools in UP have already adopted the notification based attendance systems to increase the level security and efficiency among them.

There are many benefits that the schools enjoy after installing Brahma Eye systems, such as:

  1. Cost effective: RFID UHF are not very expensive.
  2. The homework assigned by the teacher can be tracked by the parents.
  3. Important notices can be sent via notifications directly to the parent’s phones.
  4. Attendance reports are also timely sent to the parents.
  5. Parents are kept up to date regarding their child’s progress and also about fee payments.
  6. Parents can also keep a track of the school bus position.
  7. Due to constant communication between parents and the school authorities, the children’s safety and progress are improved.

In this way UP has started increasing their security measures for a better future. Brahma Eye RFID attendance system helps the school and the students to grow and also keeps the parents satisfied with their child’s safety.

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