Top 10 Benefits of UHF Attendance Systems

UHF attendance systems can help not just students, but higher education institutions and schools as well. An automated school attendance system saves valuable class time. The cost of RFID based attendance system is also extremely affordable. The key point is that a great deal of manual processes can be involved in attendance and entry as well as calculating hours attended. With a UHF attendance system in place, paper work is reduced, as attendance is recorded automatically. Additionally, duplicate data entries and errors in attendance and time entries are eliminated.

UHF attendance systems also help in accurately tracking and monitoring student presence in n number of campuses where these are installed. There is real time tracking and automatic calculation of leave due. With easy attendance recording, the UHF attendance system adds a further benefit – the system can be used to manage task allocations in school and keep parents aware of the student performance through email and SMS alerts. Now you can automatically generate attendance reports and ensure secrecy is maintained, which is really needed for school records.

When UHF attendance systems caught on, technological development, technical advancement or new innovation changed the way schools function. When these automated attendance systems came, many questioned effectiveness, usefulness and proficiency. Registers were soon replaced by attendance systems for students. With the i-card along with a chip in it, the RFID system reads the information and marks the student present. It is as simple as that!

#1 Make It All Automatic

This is the first benefit of the UHF attendance system. If the class teacher spends nearly 10 minutes out of a 50 minute class taking roll call, that eats into 20% of the work hours. So, when the system makes every student attendance easier by automating the process, you can get a lot of other benefits.

#2 Reduce Wastage of Time

One big benefit of UHF attendance systems is you save a lot of time. Because teachers don’t have to call out the roll numbers and take attendance, the time spent on attendance is much lower. A UHF attendance system makes everything so easy and it is also a huge time saver.

#3 Improve Efficiency

As teachers can rely on the RFID system to see and read if students are present, the staff can now focus on important activities. Whether it is giving lessons or getting students ready for exams, there are many other activities which become easier to carry out, with UHF attendance systems in place.

#4 Convenience Factor

While traditional attendance systems used pen and paper, and this required attendance registers to be carefully put into cupboards or teacher desks, now the situation is different. Thanks to the UHF attendance system, teachers don’t have to go through the lengthy process of marking students present or even doing a head count before class begins.

#5 Safe and Secure

Seeing and sensing student presence, the attendance system marks students present. So, it is a wonderful way to make sure students are safe. Through email and SMS notifications, every movement of the students from getting off the bus to entering the classroom is detected and recorded. Parents get to know everything about where their child is, whether he/she is safe and it is a great innovation for protecting your kid’s safety.

#6 Real Time Data

This means that the information about student attendance can be taken out of the system anytime it is required and it is readily available for checking how many times the student was absent in a certain time, for example, a week or a month. The attendance information can be obtained from the system easily.

#7 No Errors

Accuracy and precision can can be monitored in a way that is just not possible with human errors. Records can easily be manipulated but the UHF attendance system cannot be tampered with.

#8 Tamper-Proof

No duplication of the I-card with the chip is allowed, for show and go technologies or detecting and reading the presence, through walk-through technologies.

#9 Easily Used in Any School

Students can register their attendance using UHF systems across multiple number of school campuses. So, parents can monitor the activity of their school children, from the comfort of their home.

#10 Generate Multiple Reports

No matter which student’s attendance record you want to find out, thanks to the UHF attendance system, you can easily do that. Student attendance is accurately marked with no room for error, so you can maintain correct records.

Brahma Eye: Student Attendance System With a Difference


Brahma Eye offers smart attendance system and GPS bus tracking service. At Brahma Digital, this unique solution is excellent for parents or teachers to monitor student attendance. Whether students are getting on the school bus, getting off, entering the gates or going to the classroom, RFID systems such as these are beneficial for marking attendance. In addition, apps are there for sending notification to parents so that they do not worry about their kid’s safety. So, welcome the new digital age with innovative RFID system Brahma Eye. It will make sure students remain secure and accounted for, in each and every classroom.

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