UHF Attendance Management Systems for School

In Indian schools, teachers still shout roll calls to register attendance. Students can register proxies for friends or teachers can make mistakes. A clear solution is an ultra-high frequency (UHF) system. This is basically a wireless RFID attendance system that serves as the perfect attendance management system. It is based on RFID technology and helps monitor the inflow of students, employees, visitors and other people who have a unique RFID tag.


How it works


This technology brings with it many benefits. The student’s parents are informed immediately whether they have arrived or have left the school premises with the help of real-time automatic Or notifications. Another benefit is automatic attendance which is registered on a cloud platform. This means it cannot be tampered with and is not vulnerable to hacking or any kind of change. It is untouched and helps avoid identity theft while keeping safety concerns at bay. It automatically generates monthly and weekly attendance reports, allowing the school and the teacher to accurately pinpoint and monitor each student’s attendance. It clears any sort of identification problem, which can also be caught easily and rectified in case of any issues coming up. There is also a generation of a daily absentee report, which informs parents immediately providing instant access to data. This system has proven to improve attendance and reduce energy and time wasted on both manually monitoring and recording attendance details.



The UHF has shown to improve student interaction and attendance besides improving the communication between parents and teachers with respect to the child’s attendance. It decreases safety concerns and reduces the workload on teachers. Thus, teachers have more time to do what they are actually employed to do i.e. teaching, instead of wasting time on shouting roll calls. So, investing in the UHF attendance system is a step to a stress-free school experience for teachers, peace of mind for parents, and better management for school authorities. In the future, more and more schools will adopt this technology to register attendance.

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